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In 1974, a young, visionary rabbi, HaRav Yochanan Zweig, realized that an important new community had taken its place on the Jewish world map—a community with great potential for national Jewish leadership.

Rabbi Zweig launched a bold venture—to turn a burgeoning Jewish community into a place Jewish learning and tradition, reminiscent of the European learning centers of our glorious past.

What began as a 10-student learning center has become a driving force for authentic Judaism, Torah values, individual enrichment, and the power of the Jewish family.

In the early 1970s, Miami Beach's Orthodox community consisted of approximately 200 families, a few restaurants, and one day school. Today, due to the enormous success of the Talmudic University's outreach efforts, adult education, and rabbinical leadership, Miami Beach has become one of the nation's most successful Orthodox communities.

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